Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dino in the Middle

We took some family pictures to show off our new hats we got for the winter.  We decided to go with a bit wackier hat style this year.  They are really fun and mine is super warm!  Pete isn't the biggest fan of his, but everyone else is so he deals with it. Phil wore his hat to school for hat day during Red Ribbon Week.  Life is busy, but really that is just the norm around here.  We are starting to look for houses around town, though I doubt we will really start really working on it until spring.  Lately we have been thinking Eileen was lonely so today we picked her up a new friend.  I think we are naming her Millie, but that may still be undecided.  
Pete had 3 shots today, I'm finally getting around to getting his 1 year shots taken care of since they don't do them in the doctor's office.  He had too many to do in one sitting so in the next couple of weeks he get to go in for 3 more!  That is even without the Chicken Pox and flu vaccines that we are skipping. Pete has also been cutting so many teeth.  Last week he got 5 in and he is still working on some more this week.  I can't get a very good count because I value my fingers being attached to my hand when I am done!  

I've been keeping busy finishing up Halloween costumes and sewing diapers.  I had to sew Pete's outfit and knit my whole hat in preparation for it.    I've decided to do full time cloth diapers.  We have been having some issues with Luv's diapers leaking the pellets out of the diaper and onto Pete while he is sleeping.  I find it really disturbing and I've been working on building up a stash of my homemade liners and getting Pete his new size of diapers since he is right between sizes.  I'm now starting to work on some Christmas presents for everyone.  I've figured out my nieces presents and Phil's family's presents, and Pete once I finish up with a project I'm working on; but everyone else I haven't even contemplated!  It is a fun time of year and I do really enjoy working on these projects but sometimes it is daunting to get started.

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