Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pete Zones

These are from last month but I just found them lurking around some dark corners of my picture files and had to bring them to light here on the blog. We don't watch tv around here, we only have our tv turned on when we specifically are watching a movie or playing a video game other wise it is unplugged!  Last month my parents were on vacation and loaned us the Roku (it plays internet videos through the tv basically) this drastically changed our television viewing habits while they were gone and we gave it quite a work out.  Pete is definately not used to watching tv and would zone out horribly when we would turn it on for him, here he is zoning out on March of the Penguins.  It is so fun to watch him just glaze over when anything is on.  He also developed a love for Shaun the Sheep, not just nature videos. 

I love how he doesn't even notice me clicking away the pictures normally he is into the camera and forgets whatever he was doing before! 

Really I am glad that we don't have tv, we save a ton of money by not using that electricity and by not having another bill and I think we are better off without it.  I do have the internet as a distraction but it isn't something I can run in the background all day long or just use as a constant babysitter for Pete.  I also enjoy having the excuse to actually play with my son instead of "zone" with him. 

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Devin & Whitney said...

This is so cute and funny! He's getting so big!