Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well it has been some time since I have updated the blog. Our good friends and neighbors, the Shracks, moved to Fort Wayne and with them our internet! So our internet is now kind of spotty with how well Pizza Hut's signal is coming in, which lately hasn't been coming in at all! So far we still do not have a job, we are up to 4 rejections, but still have a few more in the works and some more are being opened on a daily basis. Phil is getting ready to start working at the compass on a regular basis instead of once a week for a few hours. This will be great for our budget, especially since we didn't plan on it so it will be handy to have some extra unexpected income. Phil is still in the Boy Scouts working with the Deacons, he enjoys it, though I miss him on Wednesdays and during campouts. Luckily though he doesn't have to worry about camp because only ONE of the boys wants to go so he is tagging along with another church group that is short on boys!
Pete had his 9 month appointment on Thursday. He is in the 25% for weight, 25% for his length, and 90% for his head. His head apparently grew a ton since 6 months to accommodate that huge brain of his and in the meantime forgot about growing the rest of him! I also think that we are in the beginning grasps of a growth spurt so that should be changing soon as well. He now has 6 teeth cut through, his bottom two that he got in January and then 4 on the top that decided to cut through all together. Oh and beware he does know how to use them very well. Amazingly enough we are still nursing through it, though trust me, it has not been fun.
I decided not to get my hair cut yet. I am going to wait until I reach my first goal of losing 26 lbs, then I will get it cut. It helps keep my motivation up and gets rid of my biggest concern of short hair of looking fat(ter). In my quest to lose weight I purchased a WiiFit, and I love it! It is so much fun! Pete enjoys sitting in his highchair and watching me look goofy while doing it too; and I can do it while he is taking a nap, which is handy!

All in all things have been good and as much as things change they stay the same. We really miss our wonderful neighbors and I find myself often being at a loss of what to do when home alone, when Betty Jo would have been alone too. Hopefully we will get some good news soon and be able to live closer to them soon.


JACKIE said...

What ward are the Schracks in? Kelly Martin is in the 1st ward.

Betty Jo said...

the shracks are in the first ward :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job search! Believe me, I know what it's like. I'm glad you guys are still around, I miss the Shracks too!