Monday, March 14, 2011

Interview for School

I have to do an quick interview for school. The question:

What are your thoughts on abortion?

I need at least 5 people. Please explain your answer, at least somewhat. I need a little bit of everybody on this college, religious and non-religious, teenager, married and not, young and old people. (oh I also posted this on facebook, so if you answered there don't worry about it here.)

Thanks Everybody!


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Rachael said...

Since I'm Catholic, I believe life begins at conception. I truly wish abortion did not exist. However, in cases where the fetus would not be viable AND the mother's life is in immediate danger resulting in the fetus also dying, there is no morally superior position. I understand termination in that instance. If we outlawed abortion, instances like that would be outlawed and I think that's just as cruel if not more so than abortion. I think the funny part of the pro-life movement is how incapable they are to being consistent; for example, they hate abortions but support euthanasia, unjust wars like the one we're currently in, and the death penalty. It's very unfortunate.