Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Week of Snow Days

Last week was crazy. I'd been planning to leave on Tuesday to head northward to Warsaw to work on homework and make some gdiaper liners for Tashina. Well with the snowstorm coming the day I was supposed to be leaving, Phil had us leave early so Monday morning very early (8am) we headed north. And stayed there for the whole week. Phil had school on Monday and that was it! Ugghh. So Phil was home the whole week and we weren't there and couldn't get here to be with him. On the brighter side we both were able to get lots done. I finished 1/3 of a class and Phil started working on his LAMP project. (It is his monster assignment for the semester. I think most of his grade is based on it) Pete and I played in the snow.
He took fun baths in grandma's sink and got to play with a bright yellow cup. I never would have guessed he thought a cup was so fun, but he let us know when we took it away.
Pete got to Skype dad on grandpa's tv, so Daddy was about his normal size! Pete loved it and giggled and smiled the whole time. Then he found the webcam and tried to attack it. I think we both missed him lots and lots.

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The Horn Family said...

He looks like he's putting on weight. Yeah Pete!