Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Student Teaching

Phil is working on his right now! So exciting knowing that this is the end of our college career! Oh Boy! He is student teaching down at Highland Junior High, though originally he was to be at East Side Middle School, but it is no longer in existence since they consolidated all the schools in the area. We don't really care to much what it is called as long as he gets this last thing out of the way. We also found out today that Phil is up for Departmental Honors! He will have a great looking resume by the time we get out of here. He makes my sad little GPA look even worse, but don't worry it is still a 3.687, which is nothing to sneeze at considering I got married, and had a baby during this whole thing. Defensive? Yes. Well maybe I'll see if I can get Phil to write about it some this semester, but I doubt it, he is awfully busy.


The Byards said...

I got Departmental Honors too! I read the email and it said only five people had gotten it, and I immediately wondered if Phil was one of the other four! Congrats!

Phil said...

Congrats to you, too, Megan (if you read this again)!