Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Months

Yesterday marked Pete's 5th month! I think it is insane that August was 5 months ago. I'm loving the fact that I can sit him up and he stays that way without have to find stuff to pile around him. He enjoys it to because he gets to see more than the ceiling. He is also enjoying rolling over, he has been able to do it for awhile but it always surprised him when he did it, now he is doing it on purpose.
One thing I don't love at the moment is his sleeping. He decided that since he didn't take advantage of the newborn sleep schedule when he was one that he would do it now. Last night he woke up 5 times! 11, 1, 2, 4, 7 and finally 8 to really start the day. Every time he gets up all he wants to do is eat. I don't know if we are in the grasp of a nasty growth spurt, teething or just a hungry and easy to wake boy. What I do know is if it keeps it up I may go crazy, so hopefully this will stop soon enough.
I was reading some stuff the other day about babies waking up at night and one person suggested that as mothers' we enjoy our quiet time together so really consider it before trying to change anything. Ummm...No I LOVE my sleep, I love my little boy too, but to make said boy much happier it takes me having some sleep and not just the little bit I would have had if it hadn't been for the two hour delay Phil had. I love you lots and lots Pete but I'll get our snuggling in by day, instead of at night.


Rachael said...

Awww, I love his soul piercing blue eyes! But I hear you, sleep is amazing. Hears to hoping Pete sleeps better!

Rachael said...

Here's to hoping Pete sleeps better!***

Phil said...

I love that face of his.