Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas with the Horns

This year was the first year that we didn't have Christmas on Christmas day, it was quite a change for us! It was fun to have every one around and be able to spend the majority of our Christmas day together instead of rushing off to other places. The floor pillows for Ally and Ben were my biggest project of the season, then while I was loading pictures I realized I didn't take any pictures of either of them, other than Ally opening it! Uggh.... Maybe I'll have to take some action shots sometime when we visit them. I thought they were amazingly cute and useful. Lucy got some handy leg warmers that I made her out of women's knee socks. Mom and Tashina got a blank journal made by Phil and a reusable produce bag for farmers market that I made. Matt and Dad got a list of C.S. Lewis quotes that the leaders of our church have used during general conference, organized and bound by Phil. We received some great stuff too! We are super excited to use the cabana from Matt and Tashina this summer at the beach or park. We both also got kindles that are amazing and fun. Don't be surprised if all you hear us talk about for books are classics, because those are free from amazon. Phil and Pete both got Yoda towels that my Mom made for them. Pete got lots of toys, a cute blanket and a few clothes. What a wonderful holiday season it has been so far!

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The Byards said...

We got a Nook from my mom and dad and we love it! I haven't been able to read from it yet (I've got physical books to read for student teaching first) but I love to play games on it and Kyle likes reading from it :)

PS--I love that Phil bound books for gifts...I did the same thing for my sister-in-law!