Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Fun

Once Phil got off of classes on Friday we headed up to Warsaw to see my family. Friday night we planned on going on the Dixie, but it was too windy and wasn't going out on the last trip of the night, but we did get a yummy Pizza King dinner. Saturday we stayed at the house and made a ton of applesauce then had lots of family over for a bonfire. Sunday was church and in the afternoon a baby shower for Pete. He got lots of goodies and fun things, and a ton of clothes! Just before Matt and his family had to leave we took family pictures. We tried again to catch the Dixie, but it was too late. Monday we packed up all of our stuff and finished up our laundry, went to a garage sell after watching the Dixie pull out into the lake (just missed it!), and then finally got to ride the Dixie before heading home. 69 was a beast as it usually is on the way home from a holiday and was backed up at the Gas City exit so we got off and took some back roads and ended up at Ivanhoe's in Upland enjoying an ice cream sundae! It was a great weekend and Pete's first long trip in the car, he slept the whole way home, even through the ice cream break!


JACKIE said...

You were supposed to crop me out of the picture. It was a great photo except for that lady scowling behind you.

Kim and Phil said...

I know I saw that too, but didn't have time to cut you out. I thought it added a bit of humor to have some grumpy grandma in our happy boat family picture!