Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eye Candy

Here's some eye candy for everyone and lets see who can tell what is new with Kim and Phil in the pictures. (answer at the bottom of the post)

Can you tell what is different? We got new glasses! I am super excited about them, I haven't had a new pair since freshman year of college and I'm a senior now. Phil's are more noticeable than mine are, but they are different than the one I did have. Also everyone now knows what Pete will be wearing to church or wore to church. Oh I love these guys of mine, such hunks! (Phil and Pete, not the glasses, though those are nice too.)


Matt said...

Pete is such a cutie!

JACKIE said...

Pete looks sooo big in his pictures. It must be the horizontal stripes. Phil looks like he should be in an ad for Pearl Vision.

Kim and Phil said...

Pete is pretty much in 0-3 month stuff now except for a few brands. He is already out of one brand's 0-3 because it is too short for him! Now if we could get him out of newborn diapers soon.