Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peter Projects

Lately my sewing machine has been getting a work out as have my poor little fingers. The good part about this for Peter at least is that he is getting stuff that he needs or will make life easier on both of us. Three projects have been completed thus far-diaper inserts, mobile for his room, and a wet bag for the diaper bag.
The diaper inserts are cloth diapers (insert gasp of shock and horror). Yes, we are going to use cloth diapers. Yes, we are still sane. Yes, it is sanitary. I figure I am going to be staying home and working around the house most of the time, why not? It is also so much cheaper than buying the disposables, we will be using some like on trips out of the house and for babysitters when the time comes, but around the house it will be cloth. I found some gdiapers on clearance awhile back and fell in love with them. They are reusable diapers that can be used with disposable or cloth liners. I don't care as much about the disposable liners but the cloth intrigued me. I found a pattern to make the liners and tried them out. Super easy and quick, plus it used up scrap material and only cost $5 for the none scrap materials to make 12 inserts. I then looked up buying the real ones were $30 for 6 inserts! I made 12 for the price of 1!
The next project was a mobile. I found polymer clay on sale at Joanns and bought a few blocks and some wire and we worked on it for family home evening and I put it together the next day while Phil was at work. Phil is amazed by it, I think it turned out really well considering neither of us have work with this type of clay or project before!
The final project so far completed is a wet bag for the diaper bag. It is made from waterproof material and some cotton to make it look pretty on the outside and a zipper. The bag is not only good for holding dirty diapers if we cloth diaper outside of the house but also for swim gear, cloths with spit up or blowouts or leaks. The thing can just be tossed in the wash with the rest of the clothes with no worries. I found one at the store for $8, it took me 1/2 an hour and some scrap cotton and not much of my waterproof material that I got on sale for $5 a yard, and a zipper I found in my craft bin...
I still have some more projects to work on including diaper covers for prefolds, since no stores seem to carry waterproof pants for infants! They sell the diapers, and they sell waterproof pants in 18months and 2T but not for anything between 0-18 months!

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The Byards said...

Kim you are my hero! When I have a baby I have to find you (wherever you're living) to get you to show me how to do this stuff :)