Monday, June 21, 2010

Savings High

So today we had our weekly family home evening night, which for us just means spending time doing something spiritual and something fun, but not necessarily at home. I spent my day at home cooking and cleaning and didn't feel like spending more time here so I needed a getaway. I also was going through some stuff of Peter's and found a giftcard to Kohls. Perfect for a family home evening, shopping for Peter! Well Kohl's is having quite a few sales for things at 80% off or more. Thankfully Phil is also just the right size for these types of things and found 2 pairs of corduroy pants for work/school one being Chaps ($9.90) and the other Hawk ($4.40) (I don't know it was from the teenager section...ahhh...did I just say that?) He also found a long sleeve brown shirt for layering ($2.60). We decided that it wasn't too bad of a price for brand name clothes that fit and were new and useful for the future and he used some money he got for Fathers' Day. We then headed over to the baby section to use Peter's gift card for him (on him) he got a t-shirt ($2.00), a polo shirt onesie ($2.80), camo shorts ($1.60), t-shirt ($2.40), polo ($1.60). These were all either 80% off or 90% off what they were marked. Since he still had some money on the card and he needed a photo book as well and they were buy one get one free. Finally I found a cute maternity shirt ($3.00) for myself and in pink one of my favorite colors! I love saving money while shopping I didn't realize how much we had saved until the screen at checkout said our total savings was $207 something! That's just crazy! Half of what we did have to pay for was on Peter's gift card leaving us with only $25 to pay! Oh I love it.

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