Friday, June 25, 2010

Peter's First Homemade Outfit

I am so proud of this crazy little thing. I have had the pattern for over a year now and have just been waiting for a chance and reason to make it and that time came today! It is made out of an adult t-shirt, the original pattern calls for a large t-shirt, I used a medium one because that is what we have a lot of in our bin of old t-shirts. We have been keeping them in a tub every time we clean out drawers so we can make cheap clothes for Peter. The only thing I had to pay for was the 97 cent white thread to sew it together! The time doesn't really count right now because I have very limited hours at work, so really it is keeping me sane. The whole thing today only took under two hours and that includes printing the pattern, assembling the pattern, cutting the material, and sewing, and referring to directions. The next one won't take nearly as long because the pattern is already assembled and I know (generally) what I am doing. Also it must be fairly easy because I didn't have to rip out any seams while making it, while I was making shirts for Phil for the pioneer trek I had to rip out one seam 3 times! It was nice that this one actually worked out, otherwise Peter might not get some of the cool sleepers we have planned for him, such as tie-dyed, batman, and superman. Now I just need to borrow my niece Lucy to see how they fit! Good thing I get to see them before Peter comes! Also in the pictures you will notice the Afghan that Amy made for Peter! And the red hat that I randomly made and found funny, poor child--just look at the goofy clothes we plan on putting him in.

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The Byards said...

I would LOVE to see these clothes...and the patterns! I think this is a great idea!