Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Life has been a bit crazy this week with the big move. My only jobs have been packing and unpacking really which isn't too bad. The kitchen is now all put together and I still have 2 cupboards that are empty (not that they will stay that way for long). The first night there was just a huge pile of boxes in the middle of the living room and junk in the dining room. Yesterday I was able to put away all of the kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, pushed all of the books in Peter's closet, and kind of set up the living room. It is nice that it is starting to look like a living area instead of a storage unit. Something gross that I discovered yesterday is that the old lady who lived there before us had a cat, apparently it really liked to pee in one corner of the living room and smells nasty. We are calling the landlord about this because it is gross and they were supposed to at least clean the carpet, if not replace it. Other than that the new place is wonderful. I got to sit on the porch yesterday and work on a paper in the wonderful sunshine. Hopefully that will stick around for awhile!

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