Friday, December 11, 2009

Final Week before Finals

I noticed that I haven't updated in some time. Sorry about that, life has been a bit busy this week I had 3 papers due, 2 Quizzes, and 1 Exam, and that is just school life. This week we also had Enrichment (or whatever it is technically called) for Relief Society it went well no major problems except the one major task I had fell through, well only one of my five people showed up mostly because of illness, but it still worked out. Phil had to wake up at 5am everyday this week to finish papers for school and scholarships. Oh also look for Phil to be on the Ball State Website soon.(That is where he thinks it is going to be, he doesn't remember what the guy said and he didn't ask) He has been interviewed that last few weeks for a class that he is in to the point where he had to go to photo services for a photo shoot. What a smart cookie I have...Speaking of cookies... I baked 385 on Thursday. I just wonder how many calories that is, sick. I baked them for the Ward Christmas Party. It has been a fairly relaxing process since I love baking. The cleanup wasn't very fun, but it is nice to have a clean kitchen again. It is really helping with limiting cookie intake, I have eaten 2 cookies so far and after today I don't think I will want to look at a cookie for some time! Phil on the other hand ate a whole plate full! I told him he wasn't allowed to eat any until the party (insert big pout here), and then I made quite a few mistakes, dropping them, breaking them while clearing off the sheet and then the chocolate chip cookies from the bottom of the mixer where there are no chocolate chips. He enjoyed it, maybe if we keep up this trend we will balance the weight difference between us...

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JACKIE said...

So how many cookies do you have in your freezer now?

Last week and then you can relax and breathe a bit, Phil can read a book he wants to read....

Looking forward to seeing you guys!