Monday, September 28, 2009

Here, Fishy Fishy...

A few weeks ago we went to the Living Lightly Fair at Minnetrista in Muncie. A gathering of the birkenstocks (as my boss called it before she realized I was going and wearing birks) was a fair about all the different organizations in the area that support environmental issues. It was a fun time for us, free stuff that we like and can use. One of the booths there was one from the clay guild at Ball State, they were making fish to create a community sculture for the day. We made some fish and she took some pictures and emailed them to us. We also did some other fun activities like pedaling a bike to power a lightbulb to show how different flourescents are from incandesants and we got some free cloth grocery bags from the recycling part of the city dump. We ended up with some really good chocolate from a group selling it and two of the expensive twisty light-bulbs from the power company. We also found our favorite orange chapstick from a beekeeper for only a dollar and there are only 3 ingredients in it.

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