Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay it has been a long time since I last updated one thing we have been working on a lot lately has been furniture. We realized this summer that wow we don't have any of our own furniture. So we went out and got some so when we finally get our own place we don't have to go out and buy furniture . We spent one day searching for a new couch, which we found we got a very comfortable brown and beige leather and microfiber couch. We love it and with the owners' couch (that couldn't be moved into another room) we covered it with brown sheets and a cream throw. We also found a coffee table at Muncie Mission with some cool scroll work in the sides so we bought it for a whopping $9, we bought our first power tool (a sander) and went to work on the thing now it is a nice Bombay Mahogany. Next on our list of furniture splurges were our living room lamps, we found some guy in town who sells wine bottles with holes in the back for cords so we bought some lamp kits, marbles, and lampshade and made some really cool lamps with kangaroos on them. After finishing with the living room we noticed that we didn't own any of our bedroom furniture either (only a small problem) so we went to Salvation Army (much better than goodwill any day- better prices, less crowded) while there we found an old desk that was much to short to work as a real desk but just so happened to be the right height for nightstands. We ripped apart the desk into three pieces-2 nightstands that are old wooden filing cabinets, and 1 soon-to-be end table. The nightstands are finished and in the room with some awesome lamps we actually paid full price for (but the cheapest available ones). But believe it or not we are not yet finished. We were out at a garage sale, (yeah you can tell we get in trouble at these things) and we found an old desk that was really cool and had some interesting qualities. But I will write about it once we actually finish putting it back together and looking nice.


The Horn Family said...

I was showing Ally the pictures and she informed me that you had a big mess. She said you REALLY need to clean your room. She then said, Grandma is going to be SOOO mad at Kim.

Jessica said...
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