Monday, September 21, 2009

Farmers Market

Another thing that we have been up to lately is going to farmers market. This is my favorite time of year for veggies, it is when corn is going crazy and winter squash is super cheap and filling. We always buy apples, various winter squash, corn, tomatoes (if ours aren't producing), peppers for freezing, and a new veggie of the week! One week we bought a pie pumpkin, some weird tomatoes another time, and our most recent veggie was a cushaw squash (here for more info) this thing weighs in at a hefty 20 pounds and doesn't fit in my bike basket but does fit into a backpack. We often ride our bikes to farmers market and happened to ride them the day we bought our beast of a squash. It is still sitting in our kitchen waiting to be chopped, roasted, pureed and frozen in some cases.

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Kristie said...

Once when I went with Harrison and AUrora on bikes I got a large (around 35 lbs...) bag of apples, Harrison had to figure out how to balance while carrying it on one handle bar, no backpacks that day. I think we need to start taking a trailer! Let me know how that squash turns out, I've never had one.