Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Over!

The exhibit is finally finished! The grand opening was the other night and it went really well. There were about 240 people that showed up, only 125 RSVPd, but oh well. It is so nice to have this thing finished. It was a great experience, but also a very hectic and stressful one as well. The exhibit has also made me think of other things I could do with my degree in Elementary Education and since Phil is looking into grad school at IUPUI I thought to do a bit of looking as well and they have a graduate program in Muesum studies, so maybe the whole exhibit thing could be in my future. I thought it was fun and something that could be done with a family and an education degree since it is becoming more of a focus for museums now, because of standardized testing and field trip opportunities. I will post some pictures later on, but right now I have Almond En-joy ice cream calling my name so I might have to finish this post a little later on.

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The Horn Family said...

Sorry we couldn't make it. We'll definetely make sure we come and see the exhibit sometime after Mr. B decides to come.