Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthdays, Books and Boredom...

It has been quite some time since the last update on the blog.  I warned you though.  So last Friday was Phil's birthday, so happy birthday!  Then that night we drove up to Warsaw to stay with my parents.  On Saturday morning the womenfolk (Mom, Tashina, Kim) went to the Chicago Temple while the menfolk (Phil, Dad, and Matt) watched the girls and went to the Johnny Appleseed festival in Fort Wayne.  The Temple trip was composed of two huge charter buses and the women of the South Bend Stake Relief Society.  It was a really fun trip with all the women and the perks of NOT driving through Chicago.  When we got home Dad had made some yummy Chili out of was to be taco salad over the fire.  The Grubbs Family came over for the fire and so did some of our neighbors.  I made some brownie pudding in the dutch oven for dessert, it was really good.  Then on Sunday we had a Birthday party for Mom and Phil.  We had a cookout and cornbread casserole and the most delicious casserole of all time, hash-brown casserole!  Phil and I made a strawberry-lime jello cake (strawberry cake with lime jello)  for the birthday cake, it was quite good and we got to take home the leftovers!  We drove back to Muncie on Monday morning just in time for me to head off to class and for Phil to study for a test.  Things have been busy with school and such, but I haven't worked at all this week because there is nothing to do really while Phil is in class, except homework....Yeah this is proof that it isn't happening. 

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